nemo, yes like the fish =]

my name is nikki, everyone calls me nemo.
i'm 25.
i tattoo, fix cars, fight bad guys, and take care of pup named raiden and a boy named troy.
i live in pittsburgh, pennsylvania.
i love zelda, star wars, zombies, batman, dinosaurs, hedgehogs, science and drawing.
disney is my brings me happiness like you would never believe.

i reblog a lot of cats.

we should be friends =]


Shipping in the English Channel, Charles Brooking, 1775. Detail.



So I just finished grocery shopping at Kroger and I overheard one of the best father-son conversations ever in the cookie isle. This dad tells his son to grab a package of Oreos and he does but then his dad goes “No no no no no, come here Kyle it’s time for a lesson….

→ Bunny Chow!


Whenever we have a Potluck at work, especially around a holiday, I always take that as an opportunity to make something fun and festive. Easter is no exception - I had to do something with pastels and, of course, cute bunny goody bags… right?

So then it was decided…. BUNNY CHOW, it is!


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